“He told me his penis was like laser beam, would absorb my trauma” Ella Janneh awarded $274K after therapist tricked her into a fuck

“He told me his penis was like laser beam, would absorb my trauma” Ella Janneh awarded $274K after therapist tricked her into a fuck

Ella Janneh has shared her immense relief after being awarded $274,259 in damages following an 8-year battle in a civil case against TV sex therapist Michael Lousada, whom she accused of rape.

Despite her case not being prosecuted and two appeals to the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) being dismissed, Janneh pursued justice through the civil courts.

In an interview with The Guardian, Janneh expressed the emotional toll the fight had taken on her but emphasized the importance of speaking out.

“I don’t think anybody chooses to make the most humiliating experience of their life something to be publicly known for,” she said.

“But this shame is not ours, and I want to make this easier for the next person to speak out.”

Janneh’s ordeal began in 2011 when she sought help from Lousada, a therapist she had read about in the Metro newspaper, to deal with the trauma from sexual abuse she suffered as a child.

This trauma had left her with severe depression and panic attacks during sexual activity.

Feeling desperate for help, she paid £750 for a three-hour session with Lousada, believing he was a renowned expert in trauma.

However, during the session, after about 30 minutes of talking, the situation took a dark turn.

Janneh described how Lousada led her to a room with a bed and allegedly raped her.

According to court documents, Lousada made disturbing claims during the session, saying his penis was “like a laser beam” that could “burn up trauma.”

The high court found that Janneh had suffered a dissociative panic attack during the fuck, rendering her incapable of giving informed consent.

Lousada admitted penetration occurred but claimed he had received clear verbal consent, a statement the judge rejected.

The judge had “no doubt” that Janneh lacked the capacity to consent during the incident.

After the assault, Janneh was in shock. She described calling a friend but being unable to talk about what had happened.

“I just started screaming,” she recalled.

She immediately reported the incident to the Metropolitan Police, which initiated a rape investigation.

However, the CPS declined to prosecute, citing a lack of credible evidence, and Janneh was denied criminal injuries compensation.

Janneh’s civil case victory stands as a significant moment in her pursuit of justice.

“First and foremost I wanted justice,” she said. “I wanted to be able to share this story with the world.”

Despite the immense challenges and emotional toll, she hopes her story will encourage others to speak out against sexual abuse and seek justice.

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