Picture this whenever your girl says she’s going for a massage

Everybody deserves to get a massage sometime in their lifetime.

There are some who gets it often while there are some who don’t get it and don’t love to get it and don’t see themselves getting some.

This right here is why most of mans out there usually accompany their girls when they say they want to go for a therapeutic massage or deep tissue massage, the masseuse be wildin’.

He be touching on the pussy so sweetly that the labia majora becomes so thick and starts vibrating as a signal of wanting to get fucked.

Just look at the way this mans massages this gorgeous lady on that massage table and tell me if this is what you picture if she says she is going for a massage without you.

Going forward, you ought to be accompanying your girl every other time she be going for those massages. this is hands down a pussy massage


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Author: Afrofuck