A man I found online broke my heart and stole everything in my apartment

A man I found online broke my heart and stole everything in my apartment

Last year during the lockdown, I came across a post on a group and I commented. A guy responded and we became friends. Our friendship grew by the day and we started to date. I stay alone in my apartment and I’m very much comfortable financially.

He stays alone too but not as comfortable as I am but I didn’t mind because I loved him from my heart. He told me he had a daughter, and some baby mama dramas … I still didn’t mind.

Throughout our relationship,I was so open that, he could come to my workplace, come for my keys and come to my house and I saw nothing wrong with it. Mind you, we were in love… well, maybe I should say, I. This continued for the whole period we were together.

Early this last year, he started complaining about my friendship with my boss which was a platonic one. Extremely platonic! He complained bitterly to the extent of calling his wife.

I don’t even have her number and how he got that number still remains a mystery to me. Just with the heat of that issue, I came home from work to find out that my apartment had been broken into. Making away with everything I had.( fridge, TV, ceiling fans, microwave, iron, gas burner, cloths, bags, shoes, even my provisions were not left… everything!)

This happened in March and I suspected him. But, It was confirmed by a woman I know is spiritually inclined that, indeed he did that to me.

Now I wish he pays for every tear I sheared. I am finding it difficult to forgive him and let go. My heart is indeed heavy. Where ever you are, it shall never be well with u and your generation! We need to be very careful with who we invite into our homes.