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Man got caught red-handed with someone’s wife

There is a saying that has since gone viral after African music group Sauti Sol sang about…

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Man’s caught wife and best friend fucking, he took a selfie

Mans got social media talking all about him for so damn long that he’s gradually becoming a…

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house boy caught in camera fucking his boss’s wife

A horny house boy was so horny that he decided to fuck his boss’s wife behind the…

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Drama as wife came back home unexpectedly to find hubby fucking slay queen in their matrimonial bed

Drama ensued right after the wife returned home without telling her husband in an effort to surprise…

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Wife caught cheating on the bed by her husband

A woman was caught redhanded getting fucked the long dick style way. She was caught in the…

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Man beaten for fucking man’s wife until he got an erection

A man was caught redhanded fucking another man’s wife raw and in different positions and lived to…

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Man forced to pay lobola after he was caught in bed with someone’s wife

A man was caught red-handed sleeping with someone’s wife inside the husband’s house and something crazy happened….

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Cuckold husband finds wife getting fucked in his house

A man in Mzansi decided to act differently right after he found his wife of many years…

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I live with a gay husband & he can’t fuck me, it bugs me but I’m not against the LGBTQI community

Today is my day. Why is this hard?.. Anyway, here it goes… I have been married for…

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Bride and groom passionately french kissing excites the internet

A video of a bride and groom on their wedding day has the internet excited with some…

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Husband allows his wife to get fucked in front of him

Some fetishes are beyond our understanding. How can a husband, a loving husband allow his wife to…

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Side chick grows testicles after wife found out about her

A side chick is in pain, shame, and confused about what to do next about her current…

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Horny wife traced her husband at a construction site to get fucked

This horny housewife needed to be dicked down thoroughly after she became too horny and her fingers…

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Working woman is contemplating having an affair because of her broke husband

Hi, my name is Jane, 35 years old. I live and work in Nairobi. I’m married to…

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Tanzanian man catches wife getting fucked by a mutual friend

A Tanzanian husband is crying foul after he caught his wife red-handed getting fucked raw by a…

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Husband bust his wife getting fucked by her work colleague

The husband was caught with the biggest surprise of his life, a sight that no man would…

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Husband beaten by his wife and his side dude

A Wife was caught getting fucked by her side dude in the matrimonial home and everything resorted…

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Wife squeezes the balls of her husband as she goes through his phone

A jilted woman lured her husband pretending that she wanted to blow him, she had an ulterior…