Husband beaten by his wife and his side dude

A Wife was caught getting fucked by her side dude in the matrimonial home and everything resorted to blows when the husband showed up only to find his wife getting fucked doggy style by a naked man who was thrusting inside and out his wife’s pussy like a drilling machine.

The husband couldn’t believe what he was seeing and decided to teach the side dude a lesson only to see his wife turning against him together with the naked side dude joining forces to beat him up.

This is some crazy shit. You cannot make this shit up.

His wife also pounced on the husband who was beating up the naked man who was fucking her prior, she might have really enjoyed the fucking to fight her off her husband to an extent of tearing up the T-shirt that he was wearing before the first began.

No strangers came in to help the poor husband who was two against one.

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Author: Afrofuck