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Mzansi’s own Apple shows her beautiful WAP

Our very own Mzansi goddess from Capetown loves to show what she’s working with, I mean have…

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Apple Bottom 52 fucked in the bathroom

Apple Bottom 52 made a name for herself as one of the most followed porn stars/amateurs to…

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Apple Bottom 52 applying baby oil on her huge ass

Apple Bottom 52 might have disappeared from the adult content scene but her videos and photos will…

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Apple Bottom 52 receives some dick from the back

Apple Bottom 52 might have fallen out of the face of the earth according to her social…

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Apple Bottom 52 fucked in doggy style until she forgets her name

Apple Bottom 52 has people falling in love with her on a daily basis thanks to her…

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Apple bottom 52 fucked from the back until she cries

Fucking Apple Bottom 52 is a dream come true to a lot of men globally because she’s…

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He cummed twice because he was fucking Apple Bottom 52

Some dude who got lucky, let’s say privileged to fuck Apple Bottom 52 couldn’t believe it because…

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Apple Bottom 52 dominating the dick is something you wouldn’t want to miss

Apple Bottom 52 has made sure that she’s allowed her huge 52-inch-jiggle-yet firm ass do the talking…

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Apple Bottom 52 gets fucked inside a bedsitter

Apple Bottom 52 loves how to make sure the dick is well-taken care of. The 52-inch ass…

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Apple Bottom 52’s painted ass gets some pounding

Apple Bottom 52 got every Kenyan and African walking on eggshells, they cannot seem to wait to…

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Oh my goodness! Apple Bottom 52 oils up her ass and twerks to glory!

Apple Bottom 52 has everything working for her, her apple booty always comes through to all the…

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Apple Bottom 52 takes in all the dick she can take

Apple Bottom 52 is now a celebrity to some kind and not only in her native country,…

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Apple Bottom 52 fucks caretaker wearing a dress without panty

Apple Bottom 52 made sure the caretaker wanted her very much before she gave out the pussy….

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Apple Bottom 52 fucked in a fishnet

Apple Bottom 52 is hands down a person of interest in adult entertainment. She is a Kenyan…

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Apple Bottom 52 juicy booty!

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Lucky guy gets to fuck Apple Bottom 52 RAW for free

This lucky dude will continue to bless the stars that aligned in his favor. He finally got…

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Meet the Kenyan most popular pornstar, Apple Bottom 52

Apple Bottom 52 porn, as she lists herself on XVideos, is an upcoming 23-year-old Kenyan porn star…