Meet the Kenyan most popular pornstar, Apple Bottom 52

Apple Bottom 52 porn, as she lists herself on XVideos, is an upcoming 23-year-old Kenyan porn star who is available on OnlyFans and XVideos under the same username: Apple Bottom 52.

Apple Bottom 52 has a lot of Kenyans eating from her palm demanding to know more about her.

Apple Bottom 52 has hidden her accounts where she makes money from Kenyans and most African countries. Through the power of the VPN is the only way that you can get to know her in-depth even see her videos and photos.

It’s sad that the huge fanbase that might make her rich through subscribing to her OnlyFans and Xvideos Red account can’t get access to her content. She has her own reasons why people from Africa cannot see her content.

People from Europe, America, and every other place on earth can access her content except in Africa.

She probably doesn’t want her family, and close friends to know all about her online hustle.

Her name is directly taken from the measurements of her thick, gigantic ass that measures 52 inches. She’s thick, she’s fun, she’s beautiful and curvaceously proportional in her body. Her ass is divine, I must add.

She literally got a bright future behind her and she’s carrying it all around, everywhere she goes and it measures 52 inches across.

Apple Bottom 52 has a couple of videos out that will make you wet all day and all night long but for now, for today only, get to see the body that she’s working with that has since made her a famous pornstar from Africa representing Kenya today, something she ha since embraced fully.



Author: Afrofuck