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I can’t believe I have wasted another four years with the wrong person, men are scum

Friendship among women hardly exists, is this true?

I was a simp to my boyfriend and he didn’t even notice me, help!

Doctor with a long dick got my wife pregnant when she went for check up

My older sister wants me to continue fucking her

I’ve been paying child support for a non-existent child for years

She played both John and Kevin


I never wanted to be a deadbeat but this woman pushed me

Did I fall for a snob and a stingy guy

I live with a gay husband & he can’t fuck me, it bugs me but I’m not against the LGBTQI community

I fart a lot scaring away my girlfriends, now I’m gon be single forever

I cannot keep a wife, I don’t know what’s wrong

Was our pastor fucking my wife doggy style? I guess I’ll never know

My mother was the devil incarnate growing up, I wanted to take my life but ’13 reasons why’ changed my perspective of life

I don’t trust my girlfriend at all, not even for 1 bit

I’m a Doctor and I think I’m a monster

Help, my wife is a ho!

Somebody help! I don’t want my girlfriend of 3 months to abort my child again

My husband’s baby mama wants my hubby back