Help! my husband sleeps with multiple women

I have an issue. I got married in 2019 and we were happy until last year when I realized my husband was sleeping with multiple women.

After confronting him, he slapped me and left to stay with a friend and after some days I realized I was pregnant and in November he begged to come back and we sort our issues which I accepted and he changed
In February this year he started cheating again, beating me and when I asked why he was cheating.

It became too much and he stopped sharing the bed with me so I’m the one who used to sleep in the sitting room.

In April he chased me away and said “mimba ni ya mwenye amebeba so yeye hana mtoto mahali” I accepted to move out since I couldn’t beg anymore.

He blocked me everywhere and he never bothered to ask about the baby’s health. I gave birth in July and yesterday he called to say that his name must appear on the birth certificate which am against it because he has never supported me at all

Author: Afrofuck