My husband’s baby mama wants my hubby back

My husband’s baby mama wants my hubby back

Please hide my name. I stay with my partner and we only have one kid. He has two girls from a previous relationship.

He and his baby mama agreed that the kids would visit us this festive season after they have vacated school.

When he went to fetch them, his baby mama refused to let the children go without her because she doesn’t trust me.

After hours of arguing, my partner allowed her to be part of the visit. I wasn’t comfortable with it but I had to compromise because I wanted my kid to bond with her siblings. That was the biggest mistake of my life.

Ever since she came into the house, she has been wearing body con dresses, leggings, and short dresses. She criticizes everything in the house. Her kids mess up and she expects me to clean.

I asked her nicely to stay away from my kitchen but she has been cooking and leaving it messy. I ended up losing my cool and told her to leave. My husband took her side because he was enjoying being with the kids. How must I deal with this situation? I need your advice. Kindly post. Thank you