Sex positions that you should try out


Lie facedown on the bed, legs straight, hips slightly raised.

Why: This sex position creates a snug fit, so your partner’s penis or strap-on will seem even larger.


Lie back with your legs resting on each of your partner’s shoulders.

Why: This sex position is awesome because when you raise your legs, it narrows the vagina and helps target your G-spot.

Make It Hotter: Ask your partner to start rocking you in a side-to-side or up-and-down motion. That should bring the penis or strap-on into direct contact with your G-spot.

The Loveseat Wishbone

Put your legs over the back of a sturdy sofa or loveseat and hang upside down while your partner kneels in front of the sofa.

“This position is such a winner because it aligns the direction of the giver’s throat with the natural direction of the erection. It’s very easy to deep throat in this position,” says Victoria Thomas, former columnist for Cosmopolitan Bedside Astrologer.

The Bend Over and Blow

“Aspiring Dominants, take note: this position is all about control. While your partner lies on their back, stand beside the bed with your legs hip-width apart and bend over to take them in your mouth. Maximize the power dynamic by keeping your clothes on while they lie in front of you naked and vulnerable,” says/commands Riccio.

“Variations include tying your partner to the headboard, gagging them, tickling their feet, or placing a firm hand over their face while you blow their junk and mind. This is an ideal time to break out your panty vibe, allowing your partner to operate the remote only when they’ve been very, very good

Happy scissors

Another one that is excellent for any flat surface, the sweet, wide-open energy of this position is totally erotic.

Again, the penetrating partner can adjust depth depending on how they support the recieving partners legs and it also gives access to other erogenous zones down the legs and feet, for folks who are into that.

Seated Scissors

Getting your penetrate partner eon top is a great way to give them a boost of control (and to give the penetrating partner a hell of a view).

In this position, the partner receiving can straddle the penetrating partner with one leg between his and one outside his hip, allowing some extra angles and creative ranges of motion while also giving some additional grinding options for clitoral stimulation. Score!


Because good-old missionary isn’t always so innocent.

Hands Behind Ankles

Entering into the kinky portion of our list, this is a position that you’ll want a comfortable pair of cuffs, a good deal of flexibility and some pre-game discussion: make sure the partner being cuffed is comfortable, you’ve sorted out safe words (stopping when you hear “stop” is always good, too) and that you’ve

Author: Afrofuck