The moment you agree to date a married man, you agree to be a second class woman, and every second class person is classified as a person of lower values.

Now look at it this way. If he is with you and his wife calls, he lies that he is still at the office or on an official assignment.

You dare not interrupt his conversation or query him. But you can’t call him when he is at home with family.

My sisters, are you a toy? He sneaks you from his car into his hotel room but gives his wife his entire home.

My beloved sisters grow up, please! He visits you at home and you introduce him to friends and neighbours as your boyfriend thereby blocking your chances of getting a genuine suitor, yet you don’t even know the name of the street where he lives.

My sisters, how long will you continue to sacrifice your future? He takes you out and buys you assorted types of alcoholic drinks, yet he will never allow his wife to taste even a drop of any alcoholic drink.

Common sense should tell you he is only doing that to get you drunk so he can truly destroy you in bed.

My dear sisters, is your body good for experiment only ? He gets you pregnant and gives you money for abortion, but when his wife gets pregnant he celebrates and gives her money for antenatal and baby things.

My sisters remember he is already raising his family. Oh just in case you don’t know, he describes your reactions during sex when he is with his friends but will never mention whatever happens between him and his wife. This makes all his friends see a lesser human in you.

He gives you a few cash and you’re happy not knowing that whatever money he gives you is what he calls, “Body no be firewood allowances”.

You have his picture on your phone and saved his number as “My Sweetheart” or whatever, yet your picture cannot be found on his phone and your number is saved on his phone as generator, mechanic or refuse dispose. My lovely sisters, give yourselves a proper re-evaluation today.