Somebody help! I don’t want my girlfriend of 3 months to abort my child again

I got a confession.

I met up with this Lady at a club when my old friend and I had gone to take some beer bottles. So we talked, exchanged contacts and boom, our love for each other began to roll up well.

She’s beautiful and I’ve been seeing her for the last 3 months at her place since am in my final year in the aviation industry.

Unexpectedly, she got pregnant and as for now she’s 1 month pregnant, and earlier she ask me if she can abort and I actually agreed with her and talked to a family doc who agreed that he can help with that.

For days am actually not in peace since I cannot face her doing the abortion since She’ll be like murdering my child and I actually can’t tell what has gotten into me since I’m now against it and I have told her about it.

I’ve promised to take care of her and also for our child but now she’s trying to tell me that I’m pushing her away since she thinks that I don’t love her.

I feel like I’m being paranoid but you never know I might get barren or suffer guilty after she performs the act.

If anyone can help me out in this, actually, by some psychological help, can you kindly forward me the texts.

Author: Afrofuck