I was a simp to my boyfriend and he didn’t even notice me, help!

I was a simp to my boyfriend and he didn’t even notice me, help!

Please I’m 28-years-old and dated this guy for one year and two months, I met him through his sister and really loved him so much. In fact, I concluded that he was the one until I took him out on his birthday which was in April only for him to compliment another lady right under my nose.

I cried within till I got home and since then I lost complete interest in him. He later apologized and I agreed to give my heart a chance to love only for him to come over to my place one weekend just to talk about how his lady friend had sex with her boyfriend and how she bled and cried.

At this point, I lost it and decided not to pick up his calls or talk to him. He again came with I’m sorry and I let it slide. Anytime he comes for a sleepover and I cook for him, it is either he will be on phone with friends or watching movies whiles eating when I complain he goes like that is how he eats. I get hurt but can’t complain. he made it seems like giving me his surname is like doing me a favor or giving me eternal life.

He wants me to cross the sea and touch the sun when it’s about his family but won’t cross the smallest gutter for mine.

Imagine, he came for my ring light for his sister to use for a program only for both of them to tell me I should come for the ring light from the sister’s place after she was done. I felt very disrespected at this point and started giving him an attitude because he saw nothing wrong in what they did. For some weeks I kept asking if I mean something to him but he never gave me the assurance.

They are no day I won’t be reminded of how my stomach is big and how I’m growing fat. When he invites me to his church I make time for it but when I do the same he gives me all forms of excuses. so it got to a point his “I love you” meant nothing to me.

I kept giving myself hopes until one faithful day I invited him to my church program, it was a six days program and he kept giving me traffic excuse but promise to go with me on the last day of the program which was Friday so I got so excited only for him to come up with traffic excuse again. I got so hurt and cried throughout the program but decided to let go.

He usually spends the weekend with me so since it was Friday and I was in church and he claimed he couldn’t make it, I asked him to wait for me since I had the keys Church closed around 10 pm so I called to inform him that I was on my way. I tried uber but couldn’t get any so I had to join trotro to a point and continue.. he kept calling but I couldn’t pick because I was out late and scared I could be robbed.

I finally got an uber just after he called so, I went like relax I’m on my way because the anger of him not making it to church was still there. I got to my junction only for the Uber driver to bypass so I was “like please turn that is not my direction” so the uber driver got angry and start insulting me so, we started exchanging words.

Notwithstanding the fact that I was picking my boyfriend up from that same junction so when the driver finally made the turn I called him only for him to sit in the front seat. I was shocked but didn’t say anything.

We got home and he didn’t talk to me I tried asking what I did wrong he said nothing yet he slept on the floor. I begged him to join me in bed he refused, I begged him to at least take his bath he refused. So I was like if he is tired of the relationship he can let us go our separate ways yet he didn’t say a word to me.

Only for him to go work the following morning to send me a long write-up explaining how I disrespected him by asking him to sit in front the previous night. I was shocked I tried explaining myself but I was considered a liar.

A week passed he didn’t call or text so I returned the favor because I’m human too. I was there one evening and saw an alert from him. He sent me money with the reference ” TAKE CARE” I got confused but did want to call for it to look like it because I saw the money I’m calling.

He later sent a message that he sent me money for part payment of my rent and I said yes I saw it and thanked him. He later sent a message that he was coming for his things from my place and I said if that would make him happy because I felt I have endured a lot from him. He came for his things and that was it.

I was hurt and depressed and almost took my own life but he said it was my way of seeking for attention. What is hurting me now is that he blocked me for reasons only God knows. Please was I at fault??. Thank you