Friendship among women hardly exists, is this true?

I have never seen a father and son willingly sharing or snatching each other’s women. Unless a woman plays tricks, nowhere does a father and son willingly sleep with the same woman.

However, I have seen all over mothers and daughters sharing men. Daughters snatching their mother’s boyfriend.

Daughters become secret lovers of their mother’s husband (stepdad)and even mothers willingly and boldly take their daughters’ boyfriends or husbands.

There was a case in Mombasa where a mother and daughter fought over a sponsor/blesser.

There was a case in Kakamega where the mother got pregnant for her daughter’s husband and when asked she said “Now what do you expect me to do and men doesn’t seduce me?”

Friendship among women hardly exists.

Men rarely snatch each other’s wives, but women will snatch each other’s husbands and walk away as if nothing happened. Betrayal among women is so high!

Author: Afrofuck