Iris Kaingu flaunts perfect boobs during Rihanna’s Fenty launch

Iris Kaingu didn’t give any chills during the launch of Rihanna’s Beauty launch a few hours ago in Zambia.

The beautiful, slim thick gorgeousness showed up wearing a fishnet without a bra that showed her perfect big titties that would make your dick hard just from looking at them and saying anything.

She wore black panty to hide her perfect and juicy ass and pussy but her titties were out there making men and women drool in admiration while she was wearing a big smile on her beautiful face.

The Fenty Beauty brand ambassador stole the show with class and finesse without even trying so hard.

Knowing that this is the same Iris Kaingu who ran for a top political post last year, you’d be surprised that she’s as bold as you’d imagined she would be when she was a politician.

Here are the photos that currently have social media talking about Iris Kaingu and of course Fenty even more.

Author: Afrofuck