Did I fall for a snob and a stingy guy

Did I fall for a snob and a stingy guy

Hello good people, I need your opinion on something. So I met this person online. I’m a student and they’re working. Over time the more we talked the more I felt I vibed with them and attracted to them.

They showed their interest as well. The first thing I noticed about them is that they’re the type of people who take ages to reply.

At first, I had no issue but when they expressed how they felt I aired my concern about how they could be posting but would reply after 20 minutes in each text. they said they can’t change.

We continued talking and after 6 months this person asked me to date them which I agreed. We planned to meet and All. Now the problem is this person is a guy.

He’s not romantic as in he never compliments me, they may fail to pick calls and never explain why reason being explaining is a waste of time.

I hustle a lot, I fua to foot my bills and pay fees. Anytime this person is making an achievement I make sure I support them with my idea and I get gifts for him too.

The problem is he’s never ever given me a cent. He has a 5-figure paying job. Each time I tell him that I’m struggling with sth he’ll say ‘ don’t worry, you’ll be okay.’

So we met recently for the first time. He chose a nice place. But before that, I had been given a sijui I call it a ‘warning’ that should we not ‘feel each other’ it will be the end.

So he said it went well and we should continue with the dating. Alafu there’s this time he said ati ‘ it’s all sex and vibes’ nikamshow kaa ni hivyo I’ll quit, he said it was just a bad joke.

I forgot to mention that ndo tumeet ( I had no cash, we’re currently at home, school indefinitely closed and I have not found a job yet) so I asked him if he’ll pay Uber, akasema nikifika the said place, nitume number ya dere he’ll pay. After the whole date, nikirudi, alisema I pay he’ll refund he’s never done it. Honestly I was struggling, it’s not that I can’t or couldn’t pay but sikuwa nayo.

After that date I thought things would get better since he said he wants to do this but still the slow replies, just dry convos. I miss being complimented and pampered but seems I’ll have it rough.

Alafu man if you hear how like he says his friend has made it, female colleagues na design they go out, I felt really out of place. I’m proud of them but imagine how I’m not done with my degree, how I’m still struggling.

What’s your opinion?