My boss’s wife wants me to fuck her RAW

My boss’s wife wants me to fuck her RAW

Hi Am 30 years old and I’m single because I like having sex so damn much with different women, always.

I have a confession, sometimes back, the wife of my boss told me that she loves me so much which surprised me. She’s young and in her early 40s.

We talk every other time, we even meet up for lunch as in we are open to each other. One day we met for dinner and it got so late that I looked for means of going back to my place to no avail so we had a couple of drinks and since I couldn’t go with her car plus his husband was not in the country we booked a room, slept together in the same room but nothing happened I swear.

She later on came and introduced me to her friend/colleague let’s call her Z who had a car mechanical problem since I’m good with cars I went and helped her out. After some time I went to fix another car of her friend who happens to be a neighbor of Z.

I was paid handsomely, Z asked if I would go for supper I said next time. So one day I went to her house had supper, took wine it became late, 1 thing led to the other and we had sex. We have been having sex since that time and the wife to my boss doesn’t know.

Now she told me the other day that she wants us to have sex, I won’t mind having sex with the two of them because she said that she pictures me every time she has has sex with her husband.

Please hide my identification.