She’s pregnant with my kid but I don’t love her, my ex

Over the years, I noticed that I go for everything else apart from the kind of woman I want to be with. I always settle for the one that loves me I separated with my wife 1 year ago and we have been co-parenting -I am an active father-and it’s not been easy at all.

One of the reasons we separated is because I made her feel inadequate for me because I settled for her despite her not being my type nor me loving her so when she got pregnant, I decided to step up to be a good father.

I learned from that mistake. Or so I thought I stayed for 10 months single and soul searching and decided to make a change to my dating ways in order to get a woman that I wanted to be with, not the one available for me to avoid a repeat of the same problem In August this year, an ex of mine came back from university in China and we rekindled our love.

I noticed from the onset that I couldn’t love her, she was also the kind I had settled with back in the day I practiced Condoms and Withdrawal methods to prevent pregnancy.

In 3 months’ time, I came inside 2 times, both of which she took P2s Here’s the problem. The second p2 she claims did not work and she’s pregnant.

Now I have no problem with the child. I so much want another child and to have a family But I know I can’t love her. It feels like it’s going to be a repeat of what happened with my ex-wife.

It’s less than a month since she got pregnant and many thoughts that cross my mind are just not good thoughts I also don’t know if maybe with time, I can manage to love her the way she should be loved or I’m just going to make a mess out of a good woman Abortion and separation is one of my thoughts but then again I am a Catholic and I have been pro-life all my life.

I don’t know how to deal with myself if I make her go through it Finally, she’s turning 23 this year. Kindly give your thoughts, don’t sugarcoat anything. I like being told the truth as it is

Author: Afrofuck