Help, my wife is a ho!

Help, my wife is a ho!

My wife is killing me slowly by slowly. I knew even before I married her that she was a slut but she promised me to change and ever since I married her, my life turned upside down.

I loved her, I still love her and she was good for the first year only for me to realize she was flirting with two different men on WhatsApp.

We had a heated argument back then we even separated because all I have been since I started seeing her is insecure that she will gladly give herself to another man who shows her attention.

It was not until this January that I realized she had seen and fucked one of her men friends and since then I have been kind of sick.

Every time I think about that I feel in my body like some kind of fluid that runs through my fingers and I become dumb in my joints or something.

I still live with her and have sex with her once in a while when I get super horny but I think her presence is detrimental to my health and I should kick her and our son who I don’t think is mine out then start over again. I wonder why women cheat on good men.