I’m a Doctor and I think I’m a monster

I’m a Doctor and I think I’m a monster

Hello, I’m a doctor by profession, concentrating on oncology, I work in a premium hospital in my country, so most of my patients are highly successful people who are down with cancer.

So mostly we have to attend 6 to 10 critical cases, as the time we treat is on course with their death in near future, most doctors have an undue influence over the person and his close family.

Now I’m 36 married with a lovely wife and a beautiful daughter.

But these days, I’m taking advantage of my patients’ assets and their families.

Sometimes I sleep with their wife or had an illicit relationship for a short time, or have manipulated their daughters at times. Nobody knows this, but in hospital, I’m known as one of the best and kind people, but secretly I think I’m a monster.