I can’t believe I have wasted another four years with the wrong person, men are scum

Of all the heartbreaks I have had, this is the most painful. Why has God forsaken me? I met my boyfriend at a colleague’s birthday party in 2017.

We got along so well that evening, that we exchanged contacts. Some days later, we started dating. I figured out about a month later he wasn’t working.

I wasn’t irritated, I asked why he kept it from me, and like every other man, I knew it was ego though he said a lot.

I quickly contacted an uncle and made arrangements for him to have a job. A week later, my uncle secured him one with a salary that was almost twice mine.

I even got angry with my uncle for getting him a job that pays higher than mine but, it was all a joke. I was happy for my man deep down.

Looking at his physique and intelligence, I offered him my car to use while I use Uber to work every day, I didn’t want anyone looking down on my man.

Six months later, I had the opportunity to travel outside, my dad is there and he wanted me to work there.

I told my man about it but he wasn’t happy with the idea. After about two weeks of ups and downs, I decided he goes instead.

He was ok with the idea though, my dad and everyone else thought it was inappropriate. I was twenty-eight years while he was twenty-six, it was time I marry because twenty-eight is a long way for me.

All I wanted was to settle down. I was confused and didn’t know what to do to keep my man. I thought with the kind of job and life he had, he might marry before I even think of returning so if he goes instead, he wouldn’t since he was going to be working in the same institution with my father.

We agreed that, he goes there, bag some more money then return a year after so we marry and start our own company or something better.

Communication was cool between us the whole time he was there till it was a year and he had to come down for us to start making marital arrangements.

He kept giving me excuses for almost another year. He became bitter, ignores my calls, and doesn’t even bother to check on me anymore.

I tried all I can but it seemed the more I tried, the more he detached himself. I was hurt because I wasn’t even insisting he comes anymore, all I wanted was for us to get back to being how we were but for months, we couldn’t.

I was unhappy so I finally got my dad involved since that’s the only person we both knew in common.

Hmmm, he resigned from the company and moved out so my father won’t have to talk to him anymore. That was it! I didn’t hear from him until recently.

The whole time this was ongoing, my best friend whom I have known for over fourteen years never really cared that much but I didn’t bother because she told me from the onset that she didn’t like the guy. I tried getting her to know him severally but she always says the guy has an attitude so I ignored her.

Last week, I had a call from another friend of ours (my bestie and I) asking why I didn’t attend my bestie’s wedding.

What!? Oh yeah, I really screamed. We work in the same office; we sit opposite each other every day at work. I drop her off and come to pick her up every morning to work.

We discussed everything, we have even discussed that whoever gets married first, the other will be the bridesmaid. How can a friend this close to me not inform me of her wedding? I don’t know what came over me but, I immediately started feeling she was getting married to David, I am mentioning his name now.

I don’t even care! David and Stella!!! criminals!!! devils!!! Cowards!!!!

I quickly started making investigations and yeah, indeed I finally received a picture yesterday, it was them.

My best friend married my man, the man she claims has attitude. She married him on February 12, 2022. I have been crying since yesterday.

It has taken me more time to type this because I don’t even know how to say it. She didn’t show up at work today, she resigned last Friday but I wasn’t aware. She managed to manage work and her wedding preparations such that I won’t suspect her.

Author: Afrofuck