My girl used to control and manipulate me emotionally, never again!

The truth of the matter is, my woman found a way to manipulate me emotionally so many times. She got me begging her for no reason and she would threaten to leave me.

I’m just a good guy searching for love and a good relationship that would lead to marriage but unfortunately, this is what I got myself into for the past 6 years. I silently watched her from afar how selfish she has been with her feelings but yet gave her the benefits of the doubt.

Usually a day after arguing with her, I would call her so many times to fix us together. She took advantage of that and abused me. She has now traveled and things have worsened up.

She intended to work on my papers to join her but the level of disrespect that came with this is so humiliating I had to cancel the preparation.

Recently she tried her gimmicks on me again for attention and it didn’t work this time. I feel nothing towards her.

I’ll never fall vulnerable to any woman in my life again. This is the toughened guy I have been turned into. I haven’t done anything wrong to deserve this.

I hope I don’t hurt anyone in return.

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Author: Afrofuck