I never wanted to be a deadbeat but this woman pushed me

I never wanted to be a deadbeat but this woman pushed me

I never wanted to be a deadbeat but this girl simply made me into one. I was so much in love with her. We got intimate when we were both in college and she got pregnant. I told her I am ready to support my child with the little I could get.

However, the girl dropped after giving birth and got married to someone else. I tried to reach out to her for the sake of our child but she denied me access to the child. Since I did not want to interfere with her marriage, I wished her well and moved on.

In the back of my mind, I knew she dumped me since I was still broke and struggling. After all, you don’t make much money while in college. After college, I got another girl and we got married.

However, my ex who got a child with me, it was like her marriage did not work and she broke up with her husband. She went back to being in the village.

That was when she reached out to me for child support. Since I still cared for my child, I would send her money for child support, regardless of whether she had a child with another man.

But she went on and got a third child with yet another man. That was when I sensed she might be using my money to support the children of other men. I told her to bring to me my child but she refused. Since the child was in school, I told her I will be sending the school fees directly to the school account. She refused.

Even money to take my son to the hospital, she wants me to send cash yet I demand she takes the child to the hospital and just give me pay bill number.

Mind you, she has never allowed me to see the child. She also has never told the child who is his father.

She got so demanding that she will only accept money as child support and nothing else. I felt she wanted to use the money to also bring up the children of other men, so, I also removed myself from that complex situation and stopped sending her money.

Now, she is so bitter with me. Parading me even online for being a deadbeat. She is still in the village. I have only a photo of my son who I have never seen.

Generally, the woman is so bitter with men. She is always online insulting men, calling them all names and deadbeats. Accusing men of destroying women’s lives. But tell me, how am I responsible for her messed up life? If she accepted, we struggled together, she could still be with me, but here she is, three children, three baby daddies. And I refuse to be used to bring up children of other men.