Working woman is contemplating having an affair because of her broke husband

Hi, my name is Jane, 35 years old. I live and work in Nairobi. I’m married to a man, who is loving and is a good father to our three children. We have been together for over nine years now

All through, I have been the one with a higher salary, and the gap is not a small one. As a result, I’ve been footing a majority of the bills, including rent and the children’s school fees.

I have been hoping things would look up for him, and he’d get an increase in salary, but that, seemingly, won’t happen soon.

I’ve advised him several times to start a business on the side, but he usually tells me that he’s not good at doing business. I’m now running out of patience. Making matters worse, many well-off men have been on my case.

Initially, I didn’t entertain thoughts of having a thing with them, but my partner’s financial stagnation appears to have pushed me towards entertaining the thought of having a rich man on the side. There’s one wealthy guy whom I really like.

He’s married but likes me a lot. I’m confused about whether to take this affair forward or remain faithful to my husband. Please, advise

Author: Afrofuck