I live with a gay husband & he can’t fuck me, it bugs me but I’m not against the LGBTQI community

Today is my day. Why is this hard?..

Anyway, here it goes… I have been married for 5 years in total now, of those 5, 2 were great, 1 was mixed with the last 2 especially the current one is absolute hell. I was married with one child from another relationship, the oldest then we added two more.

I have told one of my friends this but she didn’t believe it, i will not tell anyone else, better to write it down and try to live a normal life. I live with a gay husband, can’t tell if he is bisexual but he sleeps with men frequently.

I have nothing against the LGBT community but this is not what I signed up for. Yes, I was desperate to find a man bearing in mind I had a child and the real father had denied but this has been so hard for me. To make it worse he told me he likes being the “woman” which means he’s the one who usually gets fucked in the ass, a bottom they call it.

To me, it felt disgusting, again no offense to the LGBT community. Not once during courtship did he ask to have sex with me, I thought that was cute but I should have seen it coming.

After marriage, 1st day we had sex like once a week but last year it was once the whole year and that’s when I told him I have decided to move on.

He tells me if it’s sex I want, I can have a lover outside he doesn’t mind but am not comfortable with that kind of arrangement. I found out who he was after he got sick and I had to use the banking app on his phone to make a transaction. It was full of male nudes, many chats WhatsApp of male nudes.

People say marriages this marriages that but this is unfixable, I can’t leave and I got no clue how to move on, furthermore am just a housewife. It appears some people were never born to be happy.

Author: Afrofuck