I fart a lot scaring away my girlfriends, now I’m gon be single forever

Hi. After a long time, it is time I put this into writing. have read many confessions so far only one seems to be like mine I thought there would be many people out there who are like me. i guess theirs too few of us with this issue on this planet.

Am an above-average-looking guy, getting a girl has never been my issue but at 29 I still don’t have a girlfriend am not gonna have one soon. I might as well age and die single because of something that is out of my control. I fart uncontrollably.

Ever since I was a lil boy I have been farting like this for as long as I remember. As a child it was fun, I could fart effortlessly every time me n the boys had a fart competition n yes that was a thing for us.

Come to think of it, I think that game was invented just so they could laugh at my farts. farting back then was fun and enjoyable until I got a bit older then it stopped being fun anymore n instead it became embarrassing.

At first, I could not manage it. Farting everywhere aimlessly. Sometimes I would fall asleep on the bus and when my turn to leave came out, I would wonder why everyone was looking at me until someone told me I made loud farts when sleeping I have never slept on the bus again.

I tried many different foods, the only difference is some food makes me fart very smelly one’s but all food makes me fart generally.

As I got older and started relationships with girls, I came to know I can’t sleep on the same bed with a girl the whole night, maybe if she’s wearing a gas mask or something. My first girlfriend tried hard to withstand me but eventually, she gave up, I understand her.

I have tried different meds over the years, different herbal medicines none work. the worst of all is when I have sex with a girl and am on top, as I climax and cum, I shoot many loud farts as am doing that uncontrollably so due to the shame I don’t like dating.

Right now I can slightly manage my farts at work or at a club but I must not eat some types of foods. now I opted to pay for sex with someone who does not know me at all when I need so that I hide my shame. The worst thing is I have to live like this rest of my life.

Author: Afrofuck