Doctor with a long dick got my wife pregnant when she went for check up

Doctor with a long dick got my wife pregnant when she went for check up

This doctor guy inserted his semen into my wife and she’s now pregnant. I have been away for two years after our marriage and my wife called about months ago telling me she’s pregnant.

I was confused so I came down so we talk about the situation. A week later my wife made the revelation that she visited the hospital when she was sick and it was after that she started feeling and having the signs of pregnancy.

We followed up on the case and arrested the doctor who attended to her, the doctor later revealed that he did artificial insemination on my wife because she look like his late wife.

He loved her (late wife) so much that he always gets emotional anytime he remembers how she died during childbirth with their child.

He did that so that he can have at least a child of his own with the woman who is the look-alike of his ex-wife.

My wife is 7 months gone and this guy always shows up in our house with the excuse that he wants to visit his unborn child and sometimes calls my wife at ungodly hours when we’re asleep.

My wife now feels comfortable around this guy to the point of spending hours with him at the hospital all in the name of antenatal and anytime I complain my wife gets angry. I’m really worried about my wife’s closeness to this guy.

What should I do? Did I make mistake by allowing her to keep the baby?