I used to run back for sex to my ex-boyfriend, my current one isn’t supportive

Am a 25-year-old lady and an entrepreneur, in a 3-year-old relationship with this guy who is employed. Before we officially started dating, I kept in touch with my ex-boyfriend whom I used to run back to for sex, of which I’d stop immediately this guy came into the picture.

Sadly on my part, my new bf saw chats of our dirty chats the very first time we got official and it became a very big issue. But we spoke about it and started things afresh.

Things were going on well and smoothly, we go places together, we talk or text each other on a daily basis until I don’t know how and why our problems started.

This guy is a degree holder but unfortunately, on my side, I had to quit nursing school the first year after my daddy’s death so I can start my own business. I must say this guy can’t wait to tell me to get educated on any little quarrel that comes up. When we are having conversations, I have to choose my words wisely and correctly so that it doesn’t turn into a quarrel, this guy is too serious that even when cracking a joke, I have to think about it really well so I wouldn’t get him angered.

You see that kind of friendship people create with their partners that makes them laugh and crack jokes about each other isn’t found in this particular relationship. Communication between us became a very big issue. We quarrel and break up for weeks or months then later get back together again. Not once not twice but this happens again and again.

I have never cheated on him and I am not the kind of lady who is demanding or asks for favors from their partners as I believe it’s my partner’s responsibility to support out of their own will, I pay my own bills but this guy has never asked how or given me a dime or any financial support in our 3 years relationship, neither has he asked about my business.

I must say I am doing extremely well in my business. I respect, love, and make myself available to him anytime in spite of all but I get less of his attention and communication. I tried talking to him about it on different occasions but it makes him seem am too demanding for his attention and blah blah blah. The sad part is that he expects me to be single anytime he is back from our quarrel “break”.

We later sat and spoke about our relationship and making it work. I must say it started well but due to the nature of my business, which takes more of my weekends most of the time, and so few dates he set for us couldn’t come of course I had to go to work.

During this year’s valentine day, I promised to call after my business appointments but I forgot cos my business took the best part of the day so I called numerous times later in the afternoon and he refused to pick up only to accuse me later of going out with my “sugar daddy” who’s been sponsoring my lifestyle. In fact, I couldn’t stand being an option to him so we had to call the relationship off.

Now I have started talking to another guy who expressed his interest in me, though I haven’t accepted him, he’s been a friend who’s been there for me that I can always talk to. I called my boyfriend to come around recently and this new friend called in late at night of which I was ignoring the calls but my bf got so annoyed and angry for the fact that I save the guys name with a heart and love emoji attached to it, compared to his that I didn’t have an emoji attached to and also, I allowed a man to call me that time and so I should pick up but then I refused and he got so pissed off and left.

Honestly, I really do love my boyfriend but am scared of putting all my hopes on him and he turns out to leave for another woman later, and am scared of leaving this new guy too cos he’s really caring and almost everything opposite my bf.

Dear confessions members, kindly help me cos I don’t wanna make the biggest mistake of my life.

Author: Afrofuck