Somebody help! I want to hate my husband

Somebody help! I want to hate my husband

I have been married to my husband for 3 yrs now, we have a son together

So yesternight as we were having a pillow talk, I asked him if he still loves me like the first year of our marriage and he said NO! That really hit me So hard coz I love this man with all I am, my love for him only gains but never reduces.

I asked him what I did wrong and he had no answer, I asked what I stopped doing that made his love reduce but still he had no answer.

He said he has no intention of breaking his family, that we can continue to live and I should forget about that talk, but I just can’t, my heart is really broken.

Well, I know love in marriage may fade away with time and I knew it will fade someday, but I didn’t expect it to be this soon,3yrs? That’s way too soon. Now, this is where I want the members to help me, I want to hate this man,

I want all the love that I feel for him to disappear completely! And if there is any lady that has gone through the same, how did you hate him? I’ll be following. Don’t forget to hide my identity