She played both John and Kevin

She played both John and Kevin

Njoki was dating two men, John and Kevo. The two men did not know they are dating the same woman.

Now, Njoki would even have sex with both men the same day, one in the morning and another in the evening. And still the men never suspected.

It happened that Njoki got pregnant. She was confused on who might have made her pregnant. However, since Kevo is just a broke player with a nice stick, Njoki could not rely on him much for child upbringing. She went to John and told him, “Honey, I am pregnant.”

John being a gentleman, he agreed to take care of Njoki. He even paid for her clinics, and later took her in as his wife. However, Njoki was not done with enjoying life and when the child was 7 months, she caused chaos and left John. She however managed to convince John to keep on sending child upkeep for her child. John agreed and regularly sends the money, after all, he knows the child and can see the child whenever she wishes.

Njoki having regained her freedom, she went back to giving her cookie to Kevo, whom she visits regularly. Kevo knows the lady has a child but he has never bothered to know if the child is his, he has never supported the child.

Here is where the puzzle gets trickier, Njoki swears that the child looks like Kevo completely. But since John is such a nice man, she continues to ask for child upkeep from him. Even when the child is sick, she asks for money from him and he sends without questioning.

Njoki believes she is back in the market and she also dates other men. After all, she is 27years now and her son is 3years.

–Men, beware, there are many of such out there.–