Man doesn’t want to leave his promiscuous girlfriend alone

Well, I had this lady we had dated for a couple of months, everything was fine at first. After some months I started being suspicious because she became overprotective with her phone

So one day I saw a conversation how she was telling a guy that she can’t wait to go see him, I confronted her and she said that she doesn’t have feelings for him but they had a thing going on (he was her ex)

She later told me that she was ready to have a child with me but I brushed it off

After a month in a long-distance relationship, she told me she was pregnant and I accepted to take responsibility

So there is this day I tried calling her, she picked the phone but hang it after few minutes and instead she texted me,”Am okay will call you later” but I insisted and decided to call her, only to find out she had switched her phone off

The following day she decided to switch her phone on. She said her phone’s battery died. I told her that’s not true but instead of telling me the truth she decided to become abusive

She even told me she’s going to look for another man to take care of the baby. So I called off the relationship and that’s when she decided to confess and told me that she had gone to meet up with her ex for a dinner claiming that she was lonely and she didn’t sleep with the guy yet the whole night she was off.

So when I told her that am going to do a DNA test to confirm if the baby’s mine she told me that she isn’t comfortable with that since it will ruin her reputation

Seriously how will it ruin her reputation?

Author: Afrofuck