Photos of Rebecca Wairimu who alleged a city tycoon wanted to rape her

Rebecca Wairimu has since recorded a statement with the police about a prominent Nairobi tycoon called Madatali Chartur wanting to rape and assault her.

The middle-aged beautiful woman reportedly met the tycoon in a high-end club where she had gone out with her friends. After Chartur spotted her, he asked for her through his bodyguard, she compiled and agreed.

Thereafter, after a few expensive drinks, the businessman suggested that they should move to another club in Nairobi, they agreed unanimously.

The tycoon took them to the Concord Hotel in Parklands, a piece of property that he owns. He didn’t take them to another club as he earlier suggested.

Miss Rebecca Wairimu alleged that it was at the hotel that Mr. Chartur assaulted her and attempted to rape her.

Immediately after the incident, Wairimu sought solace and help from FIDA Kenya and recorded a statement at the Parklands police station where she is in the record.

At the moment, Police are currently investigating the incident that happened a fortnight ago as reported by Rebecca Wairimu.

The photos on her social media show that Rebecca Wairimu is used to living a rich lifestyle and enjoying the good things in life that money can buy but doesn’t show how at work making the money.

This shows that she just might have a rich man or coming from a wealthy family to bankroll the current lifestyle she’s leading, she’s pretty, very pretty though.

Here are the beautiful photos of Rebecca Wairimu

Author: Afrofuck