Kenyan Korino girl Carey Priscilla gets fucked in the bathroom

Kenyan Korino girl Carey Priscilla gets fucked in the bathroom

Apparently in Kenya, there’s a religious group called Akorino who are –for a lack of a better word– somewhat reserved to say the least and they are usually envy to the majority in the country.

That being said, one model from the religious group caught the attention of a lot of people online after her life partner and the father of her adorable kid, Benito Muriu decided to tell the whole world that he is the one and only mans fucking his girl by sharing a short clip reiterating that point.

Benito Muriu is also Akorino and together with Carey Priscilla has been serving couple goals on social media, especially on Instagram where they show their lovey-dovey lifestyle which is an envy to a lot of couples of there but still, they haven’t shared raunchy photos and/or videos of this kind before.

Photos of the couple who are as horny as rabbits when they’re together, they fuck —as they should– every moment they get. Good for them, in this rate, don’t act surprised if one of the many sextapes finds its way on social media, it’s only a matter of time.

I don’t know who was recording the shared clip of them two having a fucking session inside a bathroom but it got people talking regardless and social media is abuzz from it. I think Kenya is a nice interesting place to be if religious members can lead a life like that of Benito and Carey.

Here’s the short clip that has people talking in hush hush tone from their church but netizens are really loving every second of it.

Get the above clip right here: Kenyan Korino girl Carey Priscilla gets fucked in the bathroom (738 downloads )

Check out their cute photos together

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Ndiragu ni Yeye
Ndiragu ni Yeye
1 year ago

What! Pia Wakorino wakona hizi mbaya mbaya!!!!

I can’t lie, I’m impressed, I love what’s I’m seeing. I never thought I’d see the day I would read about Akorino in a porn blog.

Dunia kweli imeisha!