James Brown sex tape goes VIRAL getting social media doubting his gayness

James Brown, a Nigerian crossdresser, has talked all about the “gay” social media influencer after his alleged sex tape hit social media.

The outspoken crossdresser who is apparently gay has people talking and netizens shocked after a video of himself fucking a Petite Nancy hit the internet.

So it has all been a hoax all along!!!

James Brown is not gay because he’s seen laying down pipe like a pornstar giving out the long strokes.

He knows how to fuck using the long dick style because apparently, he has a long, thick dick that no sane woman would say no to, especially a petite one, Petite Nancys are always into long, thick dicks that any other woman would pass on, I digress!

James Brown’s sex tape has people excited and confused at the same time, watch it below;


Get the above clip right here: James Brown sex tape gets social media doubting his gayness (702 downloads )


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Author: Afrofuck
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