Princess Shyngle celebrates not getting dick for 2 months

The Beautiful, curvaceous Actress Princess Shyngle is happy to celebrate her second month of not getting fucked which she considers being an achievement.

The Actress is healing from break up from a relationship that saw her become unstable abroad earlier this year, she was admitted to the hospital abroad.

The beautiful lass that will always be an apple of our eyes, oh yes! especially when she rocks that t-string, or a g-string on social media, celebrated disclosing to the world that she has seen and/or rode a dick in two months.

“2 months of no sex, 10 months to go. I’m proud of myself,” she said on social media.

A lady called her out on the same claiming that she thinks she won’t make it to the 10 months the Actress is aiming for.

Shyngle was quick to answer her telling her that she’s even stayed longer in the past from getting dicked down when her ex was in prison.

“I’ve waited for longer when my ex was in jail duh, I gat this,” she responded.

Author: Afrofuck