Tanzanian man catches wife getting fucked by a mutual friend

A Tanzanian husband is crying foul after he caught his wife red-handed getting fucked raw by a friend, their mutual friend.

Apparently, he didn’t know that he was cuckold all this while because he thought and believed that his wife was a very innocent woman who didn’t know how to cheat on him or even hurt him, these are the kind of stuff that he only gets to see in naija movies.

The husband and the wife

He walked in on them and decided to pounce on the wife who wasn’t remorseful at all(maybe she loved how she was getting fucked by the mutual friend as opposed to getting fucked by her husband) as the culprit was sitting peacefully on the bed not knowing what moves to make.

The mutual friend who was fucking the wife using the long dick style without any problems whatsoever before the cuckold husband caught them unawares

It’s not known what happened after the two secret lovers were confronted by the cuckold husband after enjoying their romping session that lasted hours. The wife seemed happy getting dicked down by their mutual friend, if it were up to her, she would probably tell the man some immeasurable thank you.

The beautiful wife

Watch the video below that shows how the man is heard asking their mutual friend in Swahili: unanitombea bibi mimi?(you’re fucking my wife for me?) in anger before he pounced on his wife with emotional blows

Author: Afrofuck