Wife squeezes the balls of her husband as she goes through his phone

A jilted woman lured her husband pretending that she wanted to blow him, she had an ulterior motive that the husband wasn’t aware of.

The wife grabbed the testicles in her left hand as the other hand goes through his phone clearly agitated by what she was finding out about the love of his life.

She held a firm grip on her husband’s testicle so tightly that you can hear the man cry out in pain.

Men’s balls aren’t something to play around with, this wife wasn’t hearing any of his cries though.

She squeezed all the juices out of it, she was squeezing so hard that for an instant you might think that it’s about to burst.

She was really sad to find out that her husband was cheating on her with numerous women.

Poor lad, I hope he’s okay.

Author: Afrofuck