Man forced to pay lobola after he was caught in bed with someone’s wife

A man was caught red-handed sleeping with someone’s wife inside the husband’s house and something crazy happened.

A lot of people would have acted totally different from how this man acted when he walked in on his wife and a certain gentleman who is only identified as “the man in blue socks” having sex right in front of his toddler.

The man didn’t make a move on the man by trying to fight him or beat him up, no, he chose the high way.

He asked the man to pay him the lobola that he paid for his wife because he took her from her parents’ house the correct way, the traditional way as it’s supposed to.

All the man was asking from the man is that he pays him the bride price that he paid for his wife.

“I am not fighting with you. I am not going to fight with you. I want my money now, the money I paid for lobola,” the cuckold husband told the man he caught fucking his wife in his matrimonial bed.

He went further to add: “I can use a gun, but I don’t want violence in my home”

The husband explained to the man all the process he went through just to get his wife.

“I properly took her from her family. I paid lobola. When they said they wanted something, I gave them,” he said.

It’s reported that the incident which is one of a kind took place recently in Hillbrow in Johannesburg, South Africa.


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Author: Afrofuck