Bush sex part 1 & 2: Best ideas of outdoor sex

Bush sex part 1 & 2: Best ideas of outdoor sex

The thrill of having sex outdoors is actually better than the sex itself. Shagging outside a way to feel liberated from standard sex in confined rooms.

If you’re set on the idea of outdoor sex, having the right attitude and thinking things through will ensure your pleasure is fun, exciting and disaster-free.

Part of the excitement of having sex outdoor is the danger of getting caught or being seen. It feels naughty and brazen.

But need a great plan for successful outdoor sex; avoid public schools, pools, parks, and any place police or relevant authorities can pull up on you faster than you can pull up your pants.

Also important to note about outdoor sex is the positions to use. You will find yourself in some unusual positions because you are working with what is available.

See the clips below for best ideas on outdoor sex:

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