Dark Berry vows to stop giving men on her DM chances of working with her

Dark Berry vows to stop giving men on her DM chances of working with her

5 shy men lose out on opportunity of fucking THE Dark Berry.

Dark Berry vows to never work with anyone sliding in her DM because apparently they are wasting her time, resources and fucking up her schedules and calendar.

The beautiful, gorgeous black beauty of a goddess Dark Berry is sick and damn tired of the scared, fake men who can not keep their word after constantly bugging her on social media for a feature.

Dark Berry took to social media saying that she has since closed her DM from men who wants to collaborate with her in making content.

So far she has been turned down by 5 different men who promised her that they will fuck her nicely in front of the camera, each of them didn’t live up to their promise.

Sharing a screenshot of her conversation with the man who will remain anonymous thanks to Dark Berry being discreet and all, the man apologized for not having the cojones of fucking her in front of the camera as he promised he would.

“Good day, I have given a thought to what we spoke about yesterday, I think I’m not ready emotionally and psychologically, I have never done this and it just freaks the hell out of me, I’m sorry I hope you understand my situation, sorry to disappoint you,” the message on WhatsApp read.

Being a classy woman and all, Dark Berry kept it classy and understanding replying, “I understand[heart emoji]”

What irks Dark Berry is that she had already made plans to shoot with the man who promised to show up for the shooting.

Who would say NO to this huh?

She made the promise on Twitter making it clear once and for all that she won’t be entertaining DMs from anyone wanting to collaborate with her in shooting her epic content.

“I will no longer be entertaining any DM’s from anyone who would like to feature in a video You get cold feet and drop me last minute 😭
Lapho I have already made bookings .” her tweet read.

Men reacted to her tweets with some surprised that some five men were given the opportunity to shoot and fuck one of the best porn stars in Mzansi and got cold feet.

Below is some of their hilarious reactions;