Darling Nicky shares the reason why she doesn’t escort anymore

Darling Nicky shares the reason why she doesn’t escort anymore

Darling Nicky has reacted to a public concern from a tweep who called out young men who delve into relying on blue pills to help them perform in bed to open up about her personal experience in the industry.

Darling Nicky reacted to the tweet below;

“Porn is one of the main causes to this. Sexual difficulties have risen in this generation much earlier than past generations all while the access to pornography has risen exponentially. The more porn you watch the less sensitive you are to real-life intimacy; aka Porn-Induced ED,”


Darling Nicky who gain online notoriety by calling out Davido for allegedly trying to swindle her out of her money after fucking her says that the problem is not as the tweep earlier on alluded.

She’s from the school of thought that you can still watch porn and maintain healthy sexual relationships with others. The only problem being that we are living in a demanding society.

“I think the problem is people are replacing real life intimate encounters with fabricated ones. You can watch porn and still maintain healthy sexual relationships with others but we live in a demanding society that tells us “aint nobody got time for that” so porn tends to suffice,” she wrote in part.


Reason why she stopped being an escort

Darling Nicky stopped being a call girl because of the fantasies her clients used to have, some also fell in love with her ultimately. B

ut what irks her, even more, was the fact that her clients wanted some sexual experiences that were outside her comfort zone.

“This is another reason why I no longer escort and why I have to mention to clients that the sessions I do offer cannot fulfill theirs or my own true sexual needs. My sessions are preparatory for them to have their own sexual experiences outside of my healing space.

I got tired of clients falling in “love”* with me after sessions & thinking that seeing me was the answer to their troubles. *It was never love, it was always lust, it was always infatuation, it was always the avoidance of their lack of ability to form that intimacy with others,” she opened up even deeper.