Don’t get it twisted! AFRICA is a beautiful PLACE

Africa is somewhat like a paradise, a small paradise, once you visit Africa, I’m sure you’ll find something if not everything that intrigues you so much that you might want to stay.

A renowned media personality and video vixen and actor, Bria Myles is known for bringing people, her friends from all over the world to come visit Africa because once she visited Africa, she was so much in love with the continent that she decided that she will constantly be visiting and make the continent her second home.

Africa has different, diverse cultures and practices that make it one of the most unique places in the world for instance, for certain tribes in South Africa, women can walk with their breasts completely out and it won’t be any issue whatsoever, that’s tradition and we love it and we enjoy such cultures.

There are also some parts that walk naked and aren’t considered taboo or anything, we embrace it, it’s not even considered sexual, we just chill. I think the best way to show you without explaining the nitty gritty to you, we’d rather show you a photo because, alas! photo can tell us more than words could ever do.

Author: Afrofuck