Eva Modika goes nude on Instagram

Eva Modika has people talking, especially Musa Khawula who took to social media to tell his fans all about her new body.

For starters, Eva Modika is sexy AF plus it’s out there for the whole world to see, it’s not hearsay, it’s legit truth.

The beautiful reality TV star took to social media to unveil her beautiful body by sharing a nude photo of herself causing commotion and drooling online.

According to Musa Khawula, she got the body in Turkey for a whopping R65,000 and we say, go girl! With a body like that, we’d say it’s worth every penny.

“Eva Modika debuts her new body she bought for R65 000 in Turkey,” Musa Khawula tweeted.

Here are the photos that got men drooling and bitches hating because they can’t match that body perfection.

Author: Afrofuck