Ewo! man in tears as his girlfriend sends nudes to men

A young man is in tears, in disbelief after his girlfriend Ginika, the one he sacrificed a lot of things to make her happy turns out to be a woman who loves to send her nudes and asking men out.

He even bought her a brand new iPhone 12 Pro max just to make her happy but she instead uses that same phone to send her nudes to men.

The young man who uses @mide_the_badguy username on Twitter took to Twitter to share his ordeal with the woman saying that women will easily disgrace you having experienced it himself.

“Women will disgrace you! I went through my girl’s phone last week while she was having her bath, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Twitter. Things I saw shocked me. Spent 8months doing talking stage with this girl, bought an iPhone 12 Pro Max and different gifts before she gree,” he noted.

The man has refused to be a simp because of the pussy realizing there are a lot of pussies out there waiting to welcome the warmness of his dick inside them

Author: Afrofuck