Guy doesn’t want toxic ex-girlfriend back (screenshot)

I avoided my girlfriend because I sensed she’s toxic. I didn’t allow her to visit me for some weeks then boom she’s started behaving weird claiming that another lady has my attention

All I wanted is to focus & build myself life. She suggested that we break up, I accepted & so I deleted her number and moved on to my build my life

I blocked her, deleted her number & ignored her calls(because she used different numbers to call me)

So after failing to get my attention she went ahead and sent my number to her friend so that she can insult me

I didn’t react negatively, all I said is thank you & OK to every insult she sent me

I have attached my ex-girlfriend’s chat

I blocked her and so the chats were deleted, I don’t have more evidence. I think from what I have attached it’s clear to prove my doubts were right

Am sure she got back because I ignored her, she thought I will go begging. Am sure she wants me to think am losing but I know I’m worth to be respected

(I Don’t need her back)

Author: Afrofuck