Klairkia The Artist says she’s a vessel that needs to be poured into

Yogi and artiste Klairkia is one talented woman who isn’t scared to speak her mind out and she’s also a beautiful black woman who is super proud of her skin. This is what she had to say about her being a vessel.

I am an empty vessel. Waiting to be poured into. I desire nothing and no one from previous and am so very content in the now. It feels amazing to be free in the understanding of self-value, care, and love. To truly appreciate me, and honor what no longer is serving my spirit.

To walk away with love, and the inner standing it simply wasn’t for me. I will not force, beg or ask any longer. I will not worry, question or wonder any longer. I will simply align with that which is a match.

That which feels good to my soul. Sees my soul beyond this flesh and is not insecure or guarded to try and change that which is. That which holds the attention and attuned to the knowledge of purpose mate in self and the one before them… it feels so good to be empty. Empty and satisfied in knowing, I’m amazing… bare, naked, me…

Author: Afrofuck