Meet Essy Reina, a Kenyan pornstar who deserves way more than she’s got(PHOTO ALBUM!)

Essy Reina is everything in one; she’s into men, she’s into women, she’s into sex toys, she’s into BDSM, into anal sex, and all types of kinky stuff all the while being comfortable in her perfect, petite body.

She’s been in the industry for so long that it’s somewhat scary that she hasn’t made it into the big leagues. She looks up to pornstars like Anna Foxxx as one of the few pornstars she looks up to.

She has the body, she has the charisma, she has the face, she has the beauty, she has the talent and skill and she isn’t afraid of any type of dick, be it 3 to 4 inches to 10 to 14 inches long dick.

As I mentioned earlier, she deserves to be in the international pornstar leagues. Probably a scout might read this story about her and hit her up making her an international star from Kenya just like her counterpart in Germany.

You will love almost everything about her after watching her get fucked, suck dick, play with herself, and kissing fellow ladies, also showing off her small, tight, wet ass pussy.

She got all it takes to represent her native country, Kenya to the international standards of porn, not that porn is glorified in her country. Feel free, actually I insist, follow her on Twitter @essyreina_ Subscribe to her OnlyFans account as well

Check out some of her best photos that will make you fall in love with her even if you didn’t know who she was prior to reading this about her. Ain’t she a beauty!

Author: Afrofuck