Meet Kelvin Sex, the man a lot of women pornstars cannot get enough of

Kelvin Sex, a 29-year-old Nigerian pornstar got the attention of a lot of people, women, women pornstars to be precise.

Kelvin Sex has worked with a lot of women pornstars who always want to work with him.

He has so far worked with Ajibola Elizabeth who loved every moment of it. When you see what he is working with, you would understand why a lot of women love to work with him.

He is a bonafide pornstar and doesn’t shy away from letting the world know about it. Below is what he is working with.

He is always open to working with any willing pornstar, all you got to do if you want to work with him or fuck him, you just need to hit him up via WhatsApp +2348032962953

Watch the video of what he is working with.

Here’s his fucking session with Ajibola Elizabeth that was a thorough one. With his long dick, he made Ajibola scream and wince in sweet pain. They fucked everywhere, on the bed, in the bathroom, almost everywhere in the house, they fucked in different positions as well.

Author: Afrofuck