Mini Stallion speaks on men rudely asking her for sex

Mini Stallion speaks on men rudely asking her for sex

Mini Stallion, one of the sought-after pornstars today had a few words to get off her chest a few hours ago.

For starters, she opened up about how some men who do porn doesn’t know how to approach her asking to work with her in their porn movie citing that if she gets to see any man involved in the porn business who doesn’t know how to talk to a woman is usually a red flag for her.

She even gave one man another chance to approach her correctly, and nicely, maybe even politely but he failed terribly the second time as well.

All she is asking is for any person who wants to fuck her in a porn video to directly tell her that without trying to sell her sex dreams, or telling her how they’ve wanted to fuck her long time.

Just be straight to the point because at the end of the day is nothing but a business that pays the bill when it’s all said and done.

Mini Stallion who is four feet, four inches even laid out a blueprint of how you can approach her if you would want to work with her in the future, just write her like this;

“I’m ________________ I would love to collab with you sometime,” that’s all she requires from you when you’re trying to holla at her.

Please remember that. And FYI, she doesn’t fuck anybody outside the verified sex workers, not anyone outside this circle.

“Yes I only work and film with verified sex workers anything outside that Is considered a meet-up or private booking and I don’t offer either of those services,” she says answering one of her fans on Twitter.

This is what Mini Stallion had to say about how men approach her.

“ima keep letting y’all talk to yourselves in my dm til I feel like y’all say sum that makes sense cz the way y’all talking out the side of your fuckin neck is the exact reason ion wanna do new collabs with men. The fact that u do porn n u don’t know how talk to women is a red flag

Lmao i told one Nigga to re try his approach cz i would actually shoot with him , then the 2nd time he DMed me was even worse than the 1st??? Like y’all really talk your way out of pussy I had decided I wanted to give you already then show me why i shouldn’t give it you

When u talking to me fam ion wana hear none of that extra stupid dumb shit game u wanna spit.ion care how long u been wanting to fuck me, I don’t care about you selling me sex dreams on what sex with u will be like. Bitch just say “hey I’m__ i wld love to collab w u sometime”

And leave it the fuck at that. All that extra game annoys the shit out me bro cz this not a dating game this is a business, we’re linking to do business so you should treat the whole encounter professionally like a what?

Business especially if we NEVER talked prior to u dming me

This how I can tell who in this for that bag and who in it for content trade pussy”